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The Square

Christian is a curator at the X-Royal Art Museum in Stockholm, the former Royal Palace. He is interviewed by journalist Anne and strives to explain the jargon of the museum. Later, he is drawn into a confrontation in the pedestrian zone after which he notices that his phone and wallet have disappeared, possibly being the victim of a theft during the confrontation. He manages to locate the position of his phone with his computer, and then with Michael assistant he narrows the area to an apartment complex.
The two of them write an anonymous letter with threatening content requesting the return of the phone and wallet to be stored at a nearby store. Christian drops a copy of the letter into each block post box in the shelter of the night. A few days later, his efforts were successful, receiving the phone and the wallet with all the contents intact. Euphoric after this success of his plan, Christian goes to a party where he meets again with Ann, then arrives at her apartment where they sleep together.
A few days later she goes to the museum and tells her that she would like something more than casual sex. She asks him if he feels the same, but he avoids answering clearly. When Anne tries to call him later, he does not even answer. One day after recovering his stolen property, Christian is informed that a larger package has arrived in his name. Suspicious, he sends Michael to pick him up. In the store, Michael is approached by a young man who claims that his parents consider him a thief because of his letter and asks Christian to apologize to him and his family. Otherwise, the boy promises to create “chaos” for Christian.

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