The Strangers: Prey at Night

In an isolated car park, the three masked criminals – Dollface, Pin Up Girl and The Man in the Mask – arrive and park their truck in front of a caravan. Dollface wakes up one of the caravan occupants by knocking them in the door. When the woman goes to see what’s going on, Dollface kills her, and then she goes to the bedroom where she is waiting in bed by the woman’s sleeping husband. Mike and Cindy, together with their son Luke and the rebellious daughter Kinsey, embark on a family trip to the place where their uncle and aunt parked the trailer.

Cindy calls Uncle Marvin and leaves a voice message telling him they’ll be a little late. Once they get in and get their keys to the caravan, they get comfortable, and then they hear a beating in the door. Cindy opens the door and sees Dollface – without a mask, but hiding in the shadows. She asks Cindy if Tamara is at home, but she tells her that she was wrong with the caravan so Dollface is leaving.

While the family sits together to play cards and asks Kinsey to join them, the latter comes out and Cindy sends Luke to her. While Luke and Kinsey are wandering out, the two run over a caravan with wide open doors. Inside, they find their uncle and aunt being brutally murdered. Back to the family caravan, Dollface appears again to ask about Tamara, but she is again driven away. Concerned about the encounter with Dollface, Mike and Cindy go after the kids and find them in shock.

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