The Tale

Jennifer Fox is a highly acclaimed documentary director and teacher for over 40 years. One day, her mother, Nettie, calls her panicked after discovering an essay written by Jennifer at the age of 13. The essay is about a “relationship” that Jennifer had at that age with a man older than her. After rehearsing her essay, Jennifer begins to search for her memory and the period of time. She imagines herself as an elderly and sophisticated woman, but she is surprised at how small and childish she appears in the pictures of that time.
Jennifer’s relationship started when she went to a summer camp to train with three other girls. She lived in the beautiful and enigmatic Miss G. who asked the girls to train with a professional coach named Bill. After the summer is over, Miss G. and Bill come to Jennifer as lovers.
After the camp, Jennifer continues to see the two in almost every weekend. Eventually she just spends a lot of time with Bill, who is over 40 years old. He begins to make sexual advances, even reaching out to her repeatedly on the premise that in fact they are loved and their relationship is consensual. When Jennifer’s partner discovers letters sent by Bill to her, Jennifer rejects the idea that she was raped or a victim.

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