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The Vault

At a bank, detective Tom Iger makes a deposit and flirts with the chief executive, Susan. Meanwhile, the bank’s manager interviews Leah Dillon who claims he would like a job. The manager tells her that they have difficulty in hiring other officials and when Leah asks why, the manager tells her that the staff working there think the bank is haunted. Vee Dillon, Leah’s sister, goes into the bank and starts a scandal with Mary, complaining of certain things.
After leaving the bank, Iger passes by three firefighters without realizing that they are, in fact, bank robbers. The three go into the room and take the hostage there, including Leah and Vee, putting them numbered bags on their heads. One of the managers tries to escape and is accidentally shot on his knees. The in-house police officer is also trying to call for help through his radio station.
Detective Iger is hearing about what has happened and decides to check in more detail. Entering the main safe and finding only $ 70,000, the thieves begin to argue with each other about what they are going to do next because they expected the amount to be much higher. The assistant manager tells them they will give them the six million dollars if they promise not to hurt anyone. He gives them a key and tells them that the money is in a vault in the basement that is part of the old bank, but unpleasant surprises continue to appear as breakers.

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