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Thelma (Eili Harboe) is a high school student who starts a new life away from his family home. She is still linked to her ultra-protective parents, Trond (Henrik Rafaelsen) and Unni (Ellen Dorrit Petersen), the latter being pinned in a wheelchair. They call it repeatedly until they answer the phone; they have memorized their course schedule and are taking care of their food, what they eat, and so on. She was raised and educated to be a devoted Christian, and her parents fear that she might compromise her morality as many young people do when they leave home.
But the anxieties about some events that happened many years ago still do not give it peace. Thelma, who was raised in isolation, sneaks through the party social atmosphere like a little ghost. Although she is studying biology, she seems so inconsistent that it seems that a small wind breeze can hide her way.
One day while studying at the library, Anja (Katya Wilkins) sits beside her and the two carry a short conversation. A few moments later, Thelma is overwhelmed by a crisis that makes her fall to the floor. She tells the doctor that his knowledge would not suffer from epilepsy. Later, Anja approaches her at a swimming pool and asks Thelma if she feels better. Thelma is overwhelmed by the fact that someone cares for her, and the mercy of her is a miracle.

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