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Tiger Zinda Hai

Eight years have passed since the events of the first film, and nobody knows anything about the activities that the two famous spies, the Tiger and Zoya, have now. In Ikrit, Syria, 40 nurses in India and Pakistan are taken hostage by Abu Usman, the head of a terrorist organization called ISC. The director of RAW, the Research and Analysis Wing of India, feels that the only man capable of solving this situation is the Tiger.
The situation needs to be resolved within just seven days because the United States is planning an air attack on that hospital to kill Abu Usman. Currently, Tiger and Zoya are staying in Innsbruck, Austria, and together they have a boy named Junior. Shenoy and his deputy Karan manage to locate the two and then ask the Tiger to help with this extremely complicated mission.
The tiger is not delighted with the idea of ​​returning to work and does not want to get involved, but Zoya convinces him that it is the right thing to do to honor his country. The Tiger and three other agents from RAW, Azaan, Namit and Rakesh are traveling to Syria to try to assess the situation. Meanwhile, Zoya is not in vain, and when she finds out that among the hostages, Pakistani citizens also intervene and join her husband in the rescue mission.

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