Tomb Raider

Lara Croft had a special relationship with her father whom he divinized, so that when she disappeared without a trace while she was just a child, Lara was devastated and, not knowing exactly what happened to her, she has been crushed by the feeling of abandoning or losing the most dear person in her life. When mature, Lara is still looking for her sense of purpose, and one day she finds a mysterious key hidden in a well-kept object. That key opens her room full of secrets and research of her father, including a movie through which her father gives her a special message.

Her father tells him that he has discovered something of a colossal importance, but he has failed to complete his research. Lara tries to complete all of the puzzle pieces left behind by her father and discovers ancient secrets that, if not stopped, have the ability to destroy the whole world. But to fully grasp the gravity and stop the evil evil from taking control of the planet, she has to go into the adventure of her life, and death will hold her every step.

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