Toy Story 4

Although Woody said goodbye to Andy and now has a new life with little Bonnie, his priorities of caring and making his owners happy have never changed. That’s why she tries to integrate Forky, a plastic fork in the middle of the existential crisis that Bonnie has turned into her favorite toy. After a setback during a family outing, Woody, Buzz and the others will have to take an alternative path that will make them reconnect with old friends and meet new ones. Nearly a decade after closing one of the most brilliant trilogies in the history of animated film, Woody, Buzz and company return in Toy Story 4. Josh Cooley, who was nominated for an Oscar for the script of Del Revers, debuted as director of a feature film with a delivery that allows the viewer to discover new aspects of these iconic characters. The mixture of nostalgia, imagination, humor and adventure remains intact in this film that, as is usual in the franchise, is accompanied by an impeccable visual section. On this occasion, the story places the protagonists in a new environment, along with a new owner and new playmates, and before a road trip that will make them experience reunions that will make them see how great the world can be for a toy. Change and personal evolution becomes the main theme of the film, where the Oscar-winning Tom Hanks (The Pentagon Archives) and Tim Allen (One for all) return as the voices of these plastic creatures with emotions, worries, trusts and completely human insecurities. They are accompanied by the new signings of Christina Hendricks (Strangers: Night Hunt), Keanu Reeves (John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum) and Tony Hale (With Love, Simon), among others.

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