Transformers- The Last Knight

Currently, most of the planet’s governments have declared Illegal Transformations and the International Fight Against Transformation Unit has been formed to remove aliens robots. Despite the absence of Optimus Prime, who left the planet to find its creator, new transformations continue to come to Earth regularly. The most recent ship landed in Chicago where it was found by a group of children. When agents of the elite unit interrogate the children, they are saved by Izabella.
This is a survivor of the Chicago Battle that has two transformations that accompany it, Squeeks and Canopy, but the latter is killed. Bumblebee and Cade Yeager arrive to help them escape, but Yeager can not save another Transformer, Steelbane, who is in the ship. Prior to his death, Steelbane attaches a talisman to Yeager’s body – an act observed by the Decepticon Barricade who then reports to Megatron.
Beyond the solar system, Optimus discovers that the home planet of the Transformers, Cybertron, has now been destroyed in pieces and is heading directly to Earth. He discovers that the Quintessa witch is leading a Cybertron movement and claims to be the creator that Optimus is looking for. Former ally of the autobots and member of the elite unit, William Lennox, made an agreement with Megatron to release a group of decepticons from their custody to help him recover the Yeager talisman.

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