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Shaurya (Rajkummar Rao) and Noorie’s girlfriend (Geetanjali Thapa) plan to flee and marry secretly the day before Noorie’s planned wedding with somebody else. Shaurya currently lives in a kind of home for the celibate, but plans to move to a new apartment to stay with Noorie. Hugging to find a rent at a more affordable price, he moves into an apartment complex that is currently empty due to legal and construction problems.
The only guard in the building does not know that Shaurya has already moved there, and Noorie does not know about the address he’s at. The following morning, Shaurya locked himself unintentionally inside his own apartment. He tries several times to break the lock to get out of there, but without any success. The apartment does not yet have electricity and its phone’s battery is already discharged, so it fails to call for help.
Shaurya, now disconnected from the outside world, strives to survive without food, water or electricity. As the days pass, he becomes more and more claustrophobic, and his attempts to escape from the apartment become even more extreme. At some point he uses his own blood to write the word “Help” on a sheet of paper, but it reaches the terrace of a nearby house and not on the street as he hopes.

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