Truth or Dare

While buying a pack of cigarettes from a gas station, a girl seems to be hurt and unstable. When she gets out of the gas station, she’s firing another gas station customer. Elsewhere, Olivia Barron, her best friend, Markie Cameron, along with her boyfriend, Lucas Moreno, and some friends named Penelope Amari, Tyson Curran and Brad Chang, go on a trip to Rosarito, Mexico, for the last their summer vacation.
Initially, Olivia had to work for Habitat of Humanity and regularly upload videos to her YouTube channel with her charity work. Markie canceled his work at Habitat without telling him to go on a trip to Mexico. Once there, Olivia meets a colleague named Ronnie who harasses her until a man intervenes in her defense. He presents himself as Carter and convinces her and her friends to join him at a small party at the ruins of a villa.
There, he urges them to play “Truth or Challenge”. The game ends when Carter confesses that he has tricked Olivia and her friends to come to the villa to offer them to him instead of the supernatural game of Truth or Challenge. Before leaving and leaving them alone, he explains that the game will follow them no matter what they do and must not refuse to play, otherwise they will die. After returning home, Olivia starts to see the question “Truth or Challenge” all over and has to choose.

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