In a magical city where everything is perfect, the dolls are created and trained in protocol for happiness and enjoyment of children. Next to this place is Feolandia, in which the rare and different is celebrated and beauty is something that goes far beyond what can be seen. Their worlds will meet when Moxy and his friends UglyDolls cross the border to the Perfection Institute, which governs the perverse and manipulative Lou, and discover that you do not have to be pretty to be amazing. Become a toy phenomenon, the teddies created by David Horvath and Sun-Min make the leap to the big screen in UglyDolls: Extraordinarily ugly, an animation film that extols the diversity, friendship and acceptance of each one as is. With a fun mix of comedy, adventures and music, the film transports the youngest of the house to a fantastic world where two very different places, one governed by perfection and encorsetamiento and another where the strange and different is celebrated, find and give rise to crazy and crazy situations. Kelly Asbury (The Smurfs: The Hidden Village) directs this feature film that conveys a valuable message in an era governed by image and likes. Among the voices in its original version are well-known singers such as Kelly Clarkson (Behemoth was armed), Nick Jonas (Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle), Janelle Monáe (Moonlight) or Pitbull, who also participates in the dubbing in Spanish together with Chenoa, Blas Cantó and the contestant of Operación Triunfo 2017 Nerea Rodríguez (Terra Willy: Unknown Planet), among others.

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