Uncle Drew

Uncle Drew is a former basketball player who made history in this sport and should have played in a tour called Rucker Classic with his team, but due to a particular conflict he and the team took it on different roads. Dax is an unappreciated coach who has been broke and has a long-standing rivalry with Mookie. Dax was orphaned and much wanted to become a basketball player, but was humiliated by Mookie in his youth and his dream was shattered.
Dax risks losing his best player, Casper Jones, because he has spent all his money on touring and buying expensive costume shoes for himself and his team. However, Mookie intervenes and steals his whole team, and because of a humiliating conflict following Dax’s girlfriend he leaves him and gives him out of the apartment. Subsequently, Dax is offered to meet with Drew after being refused by several players.
Drew proves to be still an exceptional player despite his advanced age and agrees to join Dax on the condition that he recruits his old team of old. They start their journey, and the first one to approach is “Preacher,” who in the meantime even became a priest. They then approach Lights, who has some problems with sight, and then take Boots, despite the fact that the latter is in a wheelchair. Then they continue their adventure of recruiting the rest of their teammates to demonstrate that talent never ages.

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