Sawyer Valentini (Claire Foy) is a troubled business woman who has moved to a new city to escape a pursuer who has terrorized her for two years. Sawyer looks for a support group for the harassment victims at a nearby hospital and talks to a counselor. After an initial consultation in which he confesses that he has thought of committing suicide several times, Sawyer signs up without realizing the papers by which he agrees to go 24 hours in the hospital’s psychiatric salon.

She calls the police, but they will not help because she herself signed the internment papers herself. After a violent altercation with one of the other salon colleagues, Violet, and an individual he recognizes as his follower, Sawyer’s hospitalization is extended by a week. Sawyer soon finds out that one of her nurses is the pursuer who does not give peace, David Strine (Joshua Leonard), who has pledged himself to be close to her.

Although Sawyer tries to protest, her annoyance makes her feel psychically unstable and is sedated repeatedly, giving him various substances during the week to keep her in check. At one point, David deliberately delivers an overdose of pills to make it violent and disoriented. Although Boles Hospital Leader, Boles (Polly McKie) notices this error, she does not realize that David has intentionally done so. Although cold and distant from the rest of the patients and nurses, Sawyer then resigns and befriends an opiate addict named Nate (Jay Pharoah).

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