The film is narrated by Kurt, a fictional veteran of the Wars of Afghanistan and Iraq. Dick Cheney and other White House officials respond to the attacks of September 11, 2001. The film then presents pictures of the past since 1963 when Cheney hired as an electrician after he had to give up Yale University because of the consumption of alcohol. After Dick is stopped by a road policeman for driving the drunk, his wife, Lynne Cheney, convinces him to make his life alive.
The events then pass six years later, and Cheney hires the White House during the Nixon Administration. Working under the direction of Nixon’s economic adviser, Cheney becomes a very good political agent, trying at the same time to keep a good family life. Cheney one day hears Henry Kissinger discussing the bombing of Cambodia with President Nixon, which makes Cheney realize how important the executive is.
Rumble’s harsh attitude toward Cheney makes him distance himself a little from Nixon, which will prove to be an advantage because after President Cheney’s resignation he gets a better job in the Ford Administration. Since that time, Cheney’s political career has been getting better and he even gets courageous to run for a post as a representative of his city, and then develops a personal ambition to run for president. However, due to family problems, Cheney decides to withdraw from public life for a long time.

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