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Victoria and Abdul

Abdul Karim, a young accountant from Agra, India, is sent to England to attend the Queen Victoria Jubilee in 1887 to offer him a UK-led appreciation gift from India. The Queen, who is alone and full of flattery, develops interest in Abdul, and then enters with him. She spends only time in his company and promotes him as his guardian. She asks her to teach her Urdu and the Koran.
When Victoria discovers that he is married, she invites Abdul’s wife and her mother-in-law to join him in England. They arrive in England carrying Burka, to the consternation of those around the Queen. While Victoria behaves with Abdul as her own son, it attracts the antipathy of those in the Queen’s social circle because she does not agree that the Queen prefers him so much and the head of the poster of those who do not like it Abdul is the son of the Queen, Bertie, but also the Prime Minister.
Those in the Queen’s social circle plan a plan to undermine their relationship, hoping that Abdul will eventually be sent home. When Victoria laughs alone after a statement about the Rebellion in India that Abdul told her, the confidence in him is drastically diminishing and it is how much to send him home. Victoria’s interest in India is getting bigger and even decorates the Palace with Indian portraits.

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