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A World War II fighter plane piloted by a doll-like figure is hit by the enemy and is forced to abandon it. The pilot’s shoes are burned in the fire started by forced landing, and he finds some woman’s shoes he’s wearing instead. The Germans threaten to emulate him, but they are killed by a group of women resembling some dolls who help the pilot to save and protect him.
Apparently these dolls are the result of the creation of Mark Hogancamp, a man who lives in 2000 and who has modified some Barbie dolls to create a model village he called Marwen (later called Marwencol). The reason he did this is that he hopes to help him get past the diagnosis of Stress Post Traumatic he has received and over the loss of memory suffered as a result of an attack he was subjected to by a group of extremists who, almost beaten to death.
Mark has the fantasy that the dolls are alive and make various scenarios with them to photograph them. The dolls correspond to the people they know in real life: he is “Cap’n Hogie,” the pilot; female friends are their protectors, and attackers are German Nazi soldiers. A green-haired doll named Deja Thoris is the Belgian Witch who helps Cap’n Hogie get too close to one of the women by sending them away in the future. Already herself represents the pills Mark takes to relieve her pain and become addicted.

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