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What Happened to Monday

In 2073, the overpopulation of the planet forces the international governments to quickly find ways to stop the hunger that has been established. European scientists make a breakthrough that helps crops produce much richer results, but the secondary effect is that people produce more garbage than the planet can bear. As a result, in order to combat the situation, an organization is formed to impose a bad law that no family is allowed to have more than one child.
The organization establishes control points across all the cities of the world to prevent situations where the brothers are hidden, claiming to be one and the same person. If a mother happens to give birth to two or more children at once, the smallest of them are put in a state of cryogenisation until the crisis ends and they will be awakened at that time. Karen Settman dies when he gives birth to seven sisters at once (Noomi Rapace).
Instead of handing the six girls to the government, their grandfather, Terrence (Willem Defoe), decides to hide them and give them their names every day of the week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. He plans a plan for every one to come out of the house a week and claim that Karen is called. Things have been following the plan for many years, even if a lot of inherent difficulties arise with the development of the girls – each wound or scar suffered by one of them has to get the other. But one day, Monday will never come back home …

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