When We First Met

A young man named Noah is very in love with a girl he feels to be perfect for him and to his delight he can spend a wonderful night in her company. But his happiness is a short one, because that night, as wonderful as it was, something happened that Noah can not explain, and from that moment Avery just did not look at with the same eye, being considered by him as a mere friend, nothing more, despite the fact that Noah is in love with her.

For three years he stayed in the area of ​​friends and every day he thought what he did wrong that night everything changed so much. Despite having spent three years, he continues to love Avery so that when he gets the chance to come back in time and change the events that night – which will have consequences on his whole life after that moment – Noah no longer thinks the second time and seizes the opportunity to try to conquer it definitively on the face of his dreams.

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