Wonder Park

June is only eight years old, but she is already a prodigy of mathematics and passionate about engineering. Together with her mother, the little girl has designed an amusement park, managed by friendly animals, which could astonish anyone. However, when her mother falls seriously ill, she will abandon a project that, incredibly, will come to life. Faced with the threat of a darkness that hangs over this fantastic place, June will be the only one capable of preventing it from being destroyed forever. The successful duo of screenwriters formed by André Nemec and Josh Applebaum (Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol) makes its first foray into animation cinema and is allied with the emerging Spanish studio Ilion Animation (responsible for Planet 51 or Mortadelo and Filemón against Jimmy the Cachondo), to bring to the big screen this fantastic story about the power of imagination, family, friendship, teamwork and belief in oneself. The magic park follows in the footsteps of a girl with an extraordinary talent for engineering who, together with her mother, has designed a fantastic amusement park that, by magic, will end up coming to life. From this story suitable for all types of audiences, the film creates a moving modern tale about love and loss, in addition to talking about the jump from childhood to youth. Full of friendly and charismatic characters, the film offers fun and adventures full of emotion, a sense of humor and a first-class visual finish. Among the cast of voices in their original version are those of Jennifer Garner (Killing or dying, Peppermint), Mila Kunis (The spy who planted me), Ken Jeong (Nightmares 2: Halloween Night) and Matthew Broderick (The exception to the rule), among others.

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