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August “Auggie” Pullman is a fifth-grade little boy living in North River Heights in Manhattan. He has a rare medical problem that has caused a deformation of his face and has been subjected to a lot of surgical operations, and for this reason his education was only home by his mother, Isabel, but with the class his 5th mother wants to take him to a private school, to have contact with other children of his own.
In the beginning, Auggie is shaken by most of his classmates, but he is still fond of a boy named Jack Will. During Halloween, Auggie bears an old mask of GhostFace and, as he is not recognized by the nuns, he walks through the school knowing he will not be taken by anyone. When he enters the class, he hears Jack telling Jack Albans that he just pretends to be a friend of Auggie.
Feeling betrayed, Auggie wants to quit school and return to home education, but his older sister, Olivia, convinces him not to go back and go to school. Later, Auggie tells her the incident of another girlfriend, a girl named Summer, and tells her to tell her she will not tell anyone. When Jack notices that Auggie has become silent and distant from him, he asks Summer what happened, and this only gives a clue to the mask that Auggie wore, and he realizes he was heard when he spoke with Julian.

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