X-Men: Dark Phoenix

After saving the planet so many times, the status of the X Men has changed radically and is valued at their true value, but with this appreciation comes an increased responsibility, so they take on increasing risks with each mission they undertake . In such a space mission, a solar explosion unprepared our heroes, and Jean has to sacrifice for the good of her colleagues and bring them back to Earth safely, exposing themselves to radiation levels terrible.

Before he died, a mysterious cosmic entity called Pheonix gave Jean the power to save her and her friends. But for that she will have to let this Pheonix fall in with Jean. Later, a group of mutants tried to secretly manipulate Jean’s mind and went into the dark side of it, but they could not control what they found there. Dark Pheonix flew into space and destroyed a few inhabited planets. Jean managed to regain control, but not before Shi’ar appeared and struggled with X Men for the right to kill Jean because of the destruction of the planets.

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