You Get Me

Tyler (Taylor John Smith) is a 17-year-old student who loves his girlfriend named Alison ‘Ali’ (Halston Sage). One night at a party, Tyler discovers that before he was transferred to his high school, Ali was a tall party who used to drink and sleep where he was going. Tyler gets angry and breaks away from her. Outside the party, he meets the mysterious Holly (Bella Thorne), who gets to spend and sleep with her.
The two spend the rest of the weekend in Holly’s enormous house, and she tells Tyler that her father has died and her stepmother travels a lot. Tyler tells him this weekend was a special one for him, and then he leaves, seemingly forgetting Holly. He then reconciled with Ali the next day, and while he was in school, he noticed Holly. Holly tells her that she is now learning in the same school and wanted to surprise her.
Tyler tries to stop any connection with her, but she fails every time. Holly begins to spend time with Ali and her girlfriend Lydia. It does not take long until Lydia starts to become suspicious of Holly, first of all because she has no profile on any social networking site. After an incident involving Holly and Lydia, Tyler is also worried about the danger Holly poses, especially when he meets the girl’s stepmother, Corrine.

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